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Tel: 0191 373 1828       Email: enquiries@alderson-funerals.co.uk

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Most funerals require the use of a hearse to convey your loved one to their place of rest. Usually we use our modern dignified black motor hearse with matching six door limousines to follow. However your loved one may have preferred an alternative mode of transport and we can offer either a horse drawn hearse or motorcycle hearse:

Tel: 0191 373 1828       Email: enquiries@alderson-funerals.co.uk


Music played in church will need to be approved by the clergy, but many churches now allow favourite tunes or songs to be played in addition to hymns. It is worth remembering that some hymns have more than one tune. We can help to ensure you have the correct one.


Most Crematoria have a library of popular music, but you can supply us with a CD or tape for use provided it plays on the equipment. It is better that we have this in good time to test the recording.


You may also wish to include live music, which again will need to be approved by the officiant.


We can also arrange for a Scottish Piper, Bugler, or any other special musician.






Piano Horse Drawn Hearse

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