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For those who are not religious, we can arrange for a Humanist or Non-religious officiant to lead the ceremony, which usually takes place at the crematorium or the graveside.


Another option is to have the committal service first, followed by a Service of Thanksgiving in a church without the coffin. This allows the committal to be private for the family and then gives you the opportunity to meet all those attending the service without rushing off for the committal.


The content of the service may depend upon who is conducting the service and where it is held. Most services in church will need to be planned with the vicar and he or she may advise you as to what they will allow in the service. Hymns, music, readings and an address will all need to be discussed, but many clergy now encourage friends or relatives to take part in the service provided they have some idea of what is to be said. The format of the service may depend if you feel you are there to "Celebrate a Life" or to "Mourn the Death". It is useful to write down something about the person's life which will help the officiant and enable you to include all those memories which will help you through the service.


A non-religious ceremony usually contains information regarding the person who has died and can include Poems, Readings, Music and Personal reflections.


A Roman Catholic service may include reception into church the night before, although this is not so popular now. You are also welcome to hold a Rosary Service in our Chapel of Rest prior to the Funeral Mass.




Tel: 0191 373 1828       Email: enquiries@alderson-funerals.co.uk

The majority of funerals are held in a church or some other place of worship followed by burial or cremation. The local clergy or leader will be contacted and they will go through the service with you.


Alternatively you may choose to have the full service at the crematorium or at the graveside, but we can still ask the local clergy to officiate at the service.

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