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Tel: 0191 373 1828       Email: enquiries@alderson-funerals.co.uk

In most cases the Registration of Death must be done prior to the funeral, it must be registered in one of the offices for the district where the death took place. In special cases you can attend a registrar in a different area to make a declaration, but the death is still registered where they died and this takes time to complete.


Under normal circumstances the GP or hospital doctor will issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

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Who can register?

  • A Close relative  

  • A relative in attendance during the last illness.

  • A relative living in the district where the death occurred

  • A person present at death

  • The person causing the funeral to take place


Required Documents

  • The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

  • Medical card

  • Birth Certificate and Marriage or Civil Partnership certificate


Information Needed

  • Date and place of Birth/Death.

  • Usual address

  • Full name of the deceased (Including Maiden name)

  • Deceased’s occupation and name/occupation/Date of      Birth of their partner

  • Pension or benefit from the Gov?

  • A Green certificate to be given to the Funeral Director ASAP

  • Certified copies of the entry for insurance companies, banks, building societies and solicitors. £4 each, you can purchase as many as you need. Further copies at a later date cost £7 each.  

  • A white certificate (BD8) for the Department of Work and Pensions.

  • ‘Tell us once’ service whereby they inform the DWP for you which may cancel benefits of the deceased and provide added benefits for surviving relatives. The registrar will need the deceased’s and surviving spouse's National Insurance number. On receipt of Blue badge, passport and driving license these can also be cancelled by the registrar

The Registrar Will Give You

Coroner Involvement

There are certain situations where the coroner needs to be informed, it is mainly due to a range of reasons, we recommend you take a look to ensure your situation

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