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Burial can take place either in a cemetery or churchyard depending upon the space available. You may wish to re-open an existing grave in which case we will need the deeds or definite confirmation as to the location. Most Councils require the deeds or an indemnity signed.


There are often strict rules regarding erection of memorials in churchyards and cemeteries and we can advise you of these at the time.


Green or Woodland Burial


Green Burial or Woodland Burial Sites are becoming popular and there are a small number available in our ares. We can advise you on their location and the procedures involved but generally they appeal to those who do not want the formality of a cemetery and would prefer to have their loved one buried in a meadow with no formal memorial.


Tel: 0191 373 1828       Email: enquiries@alderson-funerals.co.uk



Cremation is much more popular these days, and can take place at the crematorium of your choice. There are several forms which need to be completed and we will assist you to complete them. You can either hold the full service at the crematorium or hold a church service prior to cremation. Most crematoria have facilities to sing hymns and you will be asked to decide what you want to do with the Cremated Remains. You may decide to have them scattered in the Garden of Remembrance, taken away for burial in a cemetery or churchyard or for private intentions. We can also hold them at our premises until you decide. Arrangements can be made with the crematorium to place a memorial plaque or an insertion in the Book of Remembrance.


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