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Est. 1921, the Alderson family funeral directors has a long heritage, we will use our expertise to guide you through all the aspects of arranging a funeral, without being rushed, as no two funerals are alike, we will use our experience to ensure that the funeral is a fitting tribute to your loved one.


At a time of bereavement, your life is in an emotional upheaval and a funeral may seem a difficult and stressful task to tackle. However, we aid organising a funeral that can give you a sense of being able to do something positive at a time when you are feeling particularly powerless.





What We Do

A funeral can help in many different ways and can be an immensely satisfying event. We help you create a funeral that will leave you feeling that you have "done the right thing" by the person who has died, and that you have marked the end of their life in the best possible way.



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"Human life is precious. Just as every person is different and special, so the end of any human life is an important event."

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Tel: 0191 373 1828       Email: enquiries@alderson-funerals.co.uk


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